Using Visual Cues to Achieve Financial Goals
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You’ve got big dreams and big goals. You’re motivated and ready to knock them out of the park. Nothing can stop you!

Well, guess what? It’s likely a day will come where you will lose motivation. If you’ve set big, fat, hairy goals, it’s hard to keep constant momentum. There will be days where you feel stuck. Maybe you’ll feel like you aren’t making progress (even when you are).

One of the best ways to overcome this *hopefully* temporary setback is to create a visual cue that will help keep you on track.

Visuals help remind us how significant the cumulative effects of money are, how every dollar soon becomes $5, and how every $5 soon becomes $100. Maybe the mountain looks huge and terrifying right now but that’s only because you’re at the bottom looking up. Each step in the right direction gets you closer to conquering it!

Here are just a few examples of visual aids that will help you to chip away at your financial goals.

Dress Up Your Cash Envelopes

Cash is crucial when you are sticking to a daily or weekly spending budget. What does your cash envelope say or remind you of every time you use it?

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.13.44 PM


Saving for a Trip or Special Occasion

I love this Disney savings jar idea from Mommy of Two Little Monkeys – it could be used for any trip you’re planning to take. My nieces have an “Arizona Fund” so they can visit from Michigan!

disney jar

Is your goal to travel more or perhaps take one big trip? How about a GLOBE savings fund to keep you motivated?

globe jar


Bigger than an Elephant

This is a great example of how LARGE a goal can feel – approximately the size of an elephant. This was shared with me by my good friend Gerald. He and his wife used this visual to help motivate them to get out of debt. Go Gerald!


The thermometer concept is an effective and standard way to track your progress toward a financial goal. Whether that’s paying off debt or hitting a savings target, you get to see your progress over time. And even if you’re only penciling in a small line at a time, you still see yourself working toward reaching your goal.

savings tracker


Don’t want to create one from scratch? We’ve got you covered. Download the Fiscal Fitness Debt Tracker here.

Have A Vision

Finally, another great tool is to create a vision board. The idea is simple – source a bunch of images that speak to your future and what you see for yourself. Put them all together on one board. Display your board prominently in your office, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Just make sure you see it often as it helps you to focus on the “WHY” and the “FUTURE” aspect of your goals.

Want more inspiration and accountability to help you achieve your financial goals? Join our Facebook Group full of people who are working toward their financial goals. Even better, schedule a Eureka session and get a realistic, livable  plan for your money and your goals. 

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