There are a number of bills most of us pay every month that have become commonplace. It can be easy to overlook these expenses since they’re recurring, but here are just a few ways you can save on 10 of your monthly bills!

1. Credit cards: Call and ask for a reduction in the interest rate. Expect to hear “No” the first couple times you call, but keep trying. Even if they reduce it for a 6-month period, take it! Every little bit helps!

2. Electric/Gas bill: Click here for a bunch of ways to lower this bill! There are too many to list here!

3. Mortgage: There are a couple of ways to possibly lower your mortgage payment. First, look into refinancing to lower your rate. Second, shop your homeowner’s insurance and consider increasing your deductible.

4. Cable/Internet/Phone: If you own a cell phone and a landline, consider canceling the latter. With taxes and surcharges, landline telephones are quite costly. Check out services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus for only $7.99/mo and try living without cable. Gasp! Yes, I realize this is asking a lot. If you’re busy or wish you were more active, you may actually enjoy life without so much TV time!

5. Cell phone: Review your usage to see if you can lower your plan. And avoid all the “extras” – ringtones, extra apps, downloads, etc.

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6. Grocery bill: Using cash will have almost an immediate impact! For tips & tricks to switching to cash, click here. Another way to lower your grocery bill is to start the week by making a meal plan!

7. Your auto gas bill: Make sure your tires have the proper amount of air. Stop at Discount Tire for their free air check! Also, try to rideshare when possible! Finally, use cash and stop at the gas stations that charge less for cash customers.

8. Insurance: Get a new quote every year and/or adjust your coverage as your needs change. Pay semi-annually or annually to avoid “convenience fees”.

9. Medical bills: Make sure you choose the appropriate coverage for health insurance first of all. Second, eat a healthy diet which can reduce your doctor visits, prescriptions, and overall lower your medical expenses. Research various options for buying prescriptions including online stores!

10. Home Service bills (landscaper, pool service, housekeeper): Try spreading these out a bit longer, try one week more in between visits. Discuss less expensive options with your provider or shop around for a better deal.

Your goal is to simply do what you can; over time every little bit helps.

Choose a few ideas from above and see how much you can save!