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We’re combining fitness and finances in the new season of our podcast. Learn what it means to be truly fiscally fit.

Coach Jill, Coach Jaclyn and I make no secret of the fact that we love financial coaching. We also make no secret of the fact that we’re all a wee bit fitness obsessed. We probably post on Instagram about fitness as often as we do about money strategies.

In being active members of the fitness community for a while now, we’ve observed some trends that we as financial coaches could no longer ignore.

First, there are so many people out there who are incredibly good and disciplined when it comes to their fitness, meal planning, and training regimen. A lot of those same people are so NOT good when it comes to their money.

We’re looking at you, trainers who are afraid to pay yourselves. 

We came to realize throughout our own fitness journey that a lot of the things that make people good at their fitness can easily be applied to their money.

If you can plan your macros, you can plan your money. And as you know, we’re all about planning.

We took a little hiatus from the Fiscal Fitness Podcast earlier this year and have been sneakily working to record Season 2 behind the scenes.

If you’ve listened to any of the 120 episodes we’ve already put out, you know we have covered a lot. We talked about everything from mortgages to fluctuating incomes to grocery shopping. Those were all great episodes, but for Season 2 we wanted to dive really deep into a single topic.

The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Season 2 is all for you fitness-obsessed people out there.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a bonafide gym rat, or someone who’s looking to become a beach body coach or maybe even open their own gym, we’ve recorded this season just for you.

That’s not to say the non-athletic folks won’t get anything out of this season. But fitness folks, we’re speaking your language and getting real honest and vulnerable about our own fitness and financial struggles.

This entire season was released all at once today, Nov. 15th. You can binge all 12 episodes thing in a day, and you just might want to.

Because this new season of the podcast is going to be different from anything we’ve done before.

Season 2 is all about what it means to be fiscally fit.

To us, that means:

  • That you have a more complete well-being, secure in the knowledge that both your fitness and your finances are dialed in
  • That being stressed about money is not your norm
  • That you don’t have to been on an endless hamster wheel of trading your time for money (personal trainers, again, we’re looking at you)
  • That because you are a trail blazer and natural born leader when it comes to your fitness, you can pave the way and show others what is possible with their money
  • And most importantly, that money IS fun, especially when you’re good at it

There are too many older white men in bowties talking about money in ways that are meant to shame and judge people for their past actions.

We are not here for that noise.

We say no matter where you started, no matter where you are, no matter what you did previously, you can be good with money.

Managing your money is a skill like any other. It’s like weightlifting or running or yoga or CrossFit. If you have a plan, if you stick to it, if you create good habits, you can get better.

Sound good?

If so, you’re going to love Season 2 of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast.

Here’s the first episode!

Listen to it wherever you listen to podcasts.

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