What Bodybuilding Taught Me About Wealth Building
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A podcast episodes about how bodybuilding has changed the way Financial Coach Jill Emanuel thinks about wealth building

When it comes to bodybuilding and wealth building there is one thing that seems to be very true: Once you build the foundation, it’s pretty easy to maintain. Unfortunately building that strong foundation is what keeps so many of us held back. We face a long list of challenges, including:

  • Too many choices/options and trying to decide which is right for you
  • Decision fatigue
  • Trying to use an app when it’s not built for your unique scenario or needs
  • Lack of accountability
  • No ability to ask questions or troubleshoot as you go
  • Sustainability/Consistency over speed
  • Seeing it as a lifestyle vs a finite goal with an end date (this is a lifelong endeavor)

If you follow Coach Jill’s instagram feed, you know she’s no stranger to the gym. Despite suffering a debilitating back injury years ago, Jill recommitted to her fitness in a big way in 2020 and has turned that 2020 motivation into a life-changing and life altering way of looking at her health and fitness.

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