What to Do When You Fall Off the Budget Wagon
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As a client of Fiscal Fitness, you have access to various levels of financial coaching. This includes making changes to your personal budget. Over time you may find that you aren’t updating your budget or the plan we set months ago isn’t working for your life today. You might even fall off the budget wagon.

If this happens, it’s okay. Your budget is yours to own and to change as needed.

Let’s look at what to do when you fall off the budget wagon:

  • What’s your WHY? You started budgeting to reach financial goals. Take some time to review those goals. Maybe something has changed. We can rework your budget to fit your new WHY.

  • Are you COMMITED? You’re not alone. Think about who is on your financial team and how each of us helps you reach your goals. Re-commit to being fiscally fit.

  • What has CHANGED? Review your lifestyle. What was important when we created your budget may not be important. You may have new needs and wants. Let’s adjust the budget to reflect those changes.

Don’t beat yourself up too badly. Let’s move forward with a plan, just like we did when you first started working with us. You’re committed to making changes for the long-term.

A bad pay period or a bad month of budgeting can be fixed. Getting back on track with a plan will not only help you achieve your goals, they will help you stress less about money.

Here’s to your personal financial success!


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