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I am often asked why I charge money to help people with their money. On the surface I understand it might not make sense. People often come to me when they think they have no money or no way out of a financial crisis. The truth is, there is always a way out. While some journeys are harder than others, I can help you find a way out of your financial situation.

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We begin with the basics and by asking you about your financial goals. Then we get to work making those dreams a reality. It isn’t easy but it’s worth the effort. Here’s why I charge to help people with their money:

  1. Personalized plan for financial success. What sets Fiscal Fitness apart from other budget coaching is that we create a customized plan based on your needs and wants. It’s not just a spreadsheet where you plug in numbers. I help you lay a solid foundation of strong financial habits that will hopefully last you a lifetime. I help you reach the goals you set for yourself, your family, and your business. Those lessons go well beyond your coaching program, making the cost of what we do priceless. The transformation is not just financial, it’s emotional. You’ll walk away feeling more confident with your money, less stressed, and most importantly PROUD. How much would you pay to be able to feel that way?

  2. We find more money than I charge for my service. After each Eureka session I send a survey asking my clients if the price they paid was worth the value they received. The overwhelming majority say the session was worth more than they paid. The $175 Eureka session for individuals is valued at an average of $225 by clients who reply to the survey. In addition to the value, we identify key action items so even if you only complete those action items and don’t return for ongoing coaching, you’ve gotten your money’s worth. For clients that continue coaching after the Eureka session, the numbers speak for themselves. In the first six months of 2014, Fiscal Fitness clients saved $486,386 and paid down $464,247 on credit cards and other debts!

  3. What I teach you lasts well beyond your coaching program. What you learn about managing your money isn’t just for today or your short-term coaching sessions. They are lessons that last a lifetime. The basics of budgeting don’t change. You set a goal, work toward it, and achieve it. Then you set a new goal and the process begins again. Even when you fall off the budgeting wagon, you can always get back on. And you don’t need me to do it. You’ve already learned the lessons (of course I am always here to help you!).

Taking the step of getting a financial coach isn’t easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You have to be ready and committed to hiring a personal trainer for your money. You have to be ready to put in some work. Once you’re ready, we work together to create a plan that suits you and your unique lifestyle. My goal is always that you meet your goals which is why I am passionate about teaching budgeting basics. Here’s to your financial success!

If you’re interested in learning more or want to get back on the budgeting wagon, check out the updated coaching programs we have available and schedule an appointment.

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