Why is Gratitude Important?

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Why is Gratitude Important?

I hear people talking about gratitude. Some of them even keep a gratitude journal where they write down what they are grateful for each day. I get that it means being thankful but why is gratitude important?

Gratitude a mindset and it’s about more than being thankful.

Gratitude is about being aware of what’s around us, not just what’s within our reach or within our circle of influence. Being grateful might even be good for our physical, social, and mental health, according to gratitude expert Robert Emmons of the University of California at DaWhy is Gratitude Important-vis. He knows because he has studied the impact of gratitude on thousands of people of varying ages. [Source]

  • Physical benefits of having an attitude of gratitude include a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, better quality sleep, and waking refreshed.
  • Mental benefits of gratitude include having more positive emotions, being more alert, and experiencing more joy and optimism.
  • Social benefits of gratitude include being more helpful, compassionate, forgiving, and outgoing.

Interestingly, Emmons found two aspects to gratitude. The first is an awareness of the positive aspects of life and the second is the realization that the source of the goodness is in the outside world. We have a deeper appreciation for what is around us.

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is important because it helps us see a world bigger than ourselves. We can help each other grow personally or in business. We can help those less fortunate because we see how much we have. We appreciate the talents of others.

And together we can change the world.

For me, gratitude is about not living in a vacuum. I have a greater awareness of the world around me and recognize the good in others. All too often there is negativity. Just try watching the news. If we were each thankful for something or someone every day, I think there would be more good news to report and we would live in a very different world.

It is with a full heart that I say THANK YOU to you, my family, friends, clients, and colleagues.

Let’s make this world a more positive place filled with gratitude.

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