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You deserve a plan for your money that feels good to you.

Personalized financial coaching for individuals, couples, and business owners ready to make the most of your money, without giving up the things you love.

By the creators of The Plan Ahead Method™.


You’re ready to get ahead financially.
But where do you even start?

You’re confident in your roles as a worker, parent, partner, and friend. But when it comes to money? Cue the self-doubt and nighttime anxiety. You’ve tried everything you were “supposed” to do, but it hasn’t led to the financial position you thought you’d be in by now. 

You just want a plan for your money that takes care of you and your people, without sacrificing the best moments and memories in life. (We’re right there with you!)

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15+ years celebrating wins like:

financial coaching clients served
report reduced financial stress
total debt paid off while working with us
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report a better relationship with their partner
Your Money Masterplan

Start with a financial plan made for you:

Your Money Masterplan

You’ve already spent enough time on restrictive budgeting and Google-able advice. It’s time for a simpler approach to money management created by experts, just for you.

That’s why our process starts with Your Money Masterplan. We develop a custom strategy around your financial position, your lifestyle, and what matters most to you. Then, we show you how to use it to get the life you want, in one hands-on financial coaching session.

Kelsa Dickey - Money Coach

Hey, I’m Kelsa Dickey,

CEO of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix, Money Coach, and originator of The Plan Ahead Method™.

My team and I are here to help you fall in love with managing your money. 

That may sound like a stretch right now, but creating plans people love is our jam. Because we see you before we see numbers. We hear your story and then get to work creating the best financial strategy for you.

We can crunch numbers better than anyone, but we don’t obsess over tracking every penny or adhering to strict rules. 

We obsess over moments well-lived and how your money can get you more of them.

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“The Money Masterplan I recently had with our Money Coach was AMAZING!”

“I didn’t know there was a better way to budget my money. They introduced me to The Plan Ahead Method, which takes the stress out of budgeting. My husband and I feel more in control of our personal finances after working with Fiscal Fitness and highly recommend them as financial coaches.”

Melissa Testimonial

- Melissa H.

This isn’t a general theory. It’s not a strict budget.

It’s a practical financial framework that puts you first.

Meet The Plan Ahead Method™

Our flexible, 5-part framework has helped 1,000s of people master money management skills and plan confidently for the future. It works because it centers around your preferences, instead of asking you to fit a generic mold. 

You’ll come back to these 5 phases at different points in your journey, and how you navigate them is unique to you. Explore our best articles and free resources based on the phase you relate to most right now:

The Plan Ahead Method™
Believe you can be good with money


(For you if you think you’re just “not good” at all this financial stuff.)

Equip yourself with strategies that work for you. Because most advice on budgeting doesn’t represent your real life.

Know Your Numbers


(For you if you want a better grip on income and expenses, without a tedious review of past bank statements.)

Get true clarity. So unexpected *pings* in your bank account stop causing financial stress.

manage your money


(For you if you’re ready to feel financially confident, no matter what the day-to-day throws your way.)

Deboard the roller coaster of financial fluctuation. With a simpler approach to money management that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Prepare For Life


(For you if you have daily money management down, but want to feel more ready for what’s coming up.)

Confidently prepare for whammies and set money aside for life in general. With strategic planning tools personalized to what you have going on.

Plan Your Future


(For you if you’re prepared for unexpected expenses, and excited to move toward bigger, long-term goals.)

Level up the strategy, and fun, of financial planning. By mapping out exciting goals like early retirement, property investment, launching a business, you name it!

The Fiscal Fitness PHX Team

Want us to create the

Financial plan that’s a perfect fit for your life?

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