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You have goals that get you fired up, and you want a plan to achieve them. You’re in the right place. We have spent the past 10 years helping individuals, couples and small business owners create financial plans and budgets that eliminate uncertainty, create security and make dreams a reality.

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Our superpower is helping people see their money clearly so they can plan for and live the life they want.

When you have a plan in place, the stress and uncertainty around managing your money can turn to excitement and confidence. At Fiscal Fitness, we help people across the country create a road map for their money that takes into account their next car payment as well as their dreams and goals for the future. Whether your dream is renovating your house, meeting your retirement goals by 60, paying off your student loans in a year, or taking a month off to bum around Europe, it is possible.

We don’t think money should stop you from dreaming big. Quite the opposite. Your money should work to help you achieve your dreams. Let us show you how.

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Why We Do What We Do

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Get Help with More Than Your Budget

A budget without an action plan is just a table of numbers. We help our clients create a realistic budget (we will not take away your daily coffee splurge if you don’t want to) but also an action plan that takes the guesswork out of spending, saving, and planning for your financial future.

The Fiscal Fitness Process

Start Your Path to Financial Freedom with One-on-One Coaching

Client Stories

How three of our clients transformed their future through financial coaching with Fiscal Fitness.

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You Can Feel Excited About Your Money

At Fiscal Fitness, we believe everyone has the ability to take control of their finances. That’s why we freely give away our strategies for success and inspire anyone we can through The Saver and The Spender podcast and the Fiscal Fitness blog. In addition, we have been featured on websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, national and local TV programs giving away the advice we share with our clients.

The Podcast: The Saver and The Spender

The Saver and The Spender is a weekly podcast about money strategies hosted by Kelsa “The Saver” Dickey and Michael “The Spender” Dickey with appearances from FFP’s lead Financial Coach, Jill Emanuel, and a host of other experts and forward thinking gurus talking about everything from career coaching to meal planning.

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The Fiscal Fitness Blog

Take Inspired Action

Sometimes the only difference between being successful with your finances and not is a dash of inspiration mixed with an ounce of motivation. On the Fiscal Fitness blog, we provide both. We regularly write about budgeting tips, savings strategies, and spending habits because we know life is complicated. Your finances shouldn’t be.

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21-day Summer Money Challenge

THE CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED. CHECK BACK FOR FUTURE CHALLENGES! We are so excited for our Summer Money Challenge to kick off on July 15th!! It's just 21-days long ---> You can do ANYTHING for [...]

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Your Fiscal Fitness Team

Jill Emanuel

Financial Coach

Kelsa Dickey

Founder and Financial Coach

Michael Dickey

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Sheri Edwards

Client Concierge
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What Our Clients are Saying about Fiscal Fitness

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Ally Rose
Ally Rose
Working with Jill has literally changed my life. She helped me navigate starting my new business and other major life transitions where I felt in over my head around my finances. Jill lovingly guided me through the process of sifting through everything, organizing all the numbers, and helped me make a plan so that I felt confident and secure as I moved forward. She held me accountable without judgement and helped me create a spending plan that didn't make me feel deprived or like I was operating from scarcity mindset. I have big dreams for my future and the thing is that you can’t get to where you want to go unless you know where you are now. I'm so thankful that Jill helped me feel empowered around my finances, a place that I had avoided and buried my head in the sand for so long. I now feel that I have a clear plan and path forward and know that I can handle the things that come my way as I continue to build a life that I love. Thank you so much Jill, for your kindness, compassion, guidance and for always believing in me and helping me believe in myself. I am forever grateful for the work that we have done together!read more
Stevie White
Stevie White
Fiscal fitness is the best! Jill has been a life saver and taught me how to move forward with my finances, even with unplanned expenses! This business sets you up for success and gives you skills you can use everyday!read more
Gretchen Skigis
Gretchen Skigis
We were Kelsa's client for 5 years, and we are eternally grateful for what she has taught us and for the tools she's given us to endure a lifetime of fiscal fitness!read more
Rachel Lynn
Rachel Lynn
I met Jill through an online course and she has taught me so much already about financial health! just started listening to the podcasts Overcoming Financial Stress with the Spender and Saver and love their advice. Looking forward to my new financial journey thanks to Jill!read more

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