Stop winging it financially. Get a plan, get ahead, and spend confidently with financial coaching.

We have a better way to budget. Learn from the financial coaches who created The Plan Ahead Method™ how simple, realistic planning can transform your life.

Our financial coaching superpower is helping people, just like you, to see your money clearly so the next financial decision you make is a no-brainer.

Sick and tired of hearing about all of the things you shouldn’t do with your money: Avoid credit cards! Don’t buy the latte! You should never buy a new car! Want to hear more about what you SHOULD do with your money?

At Fiscal Fitness, we help people across the country create a road map for their money that takes into account their next car payment as well as their dreams and goals for the future. Whether your dream is renovating your house, paying off your student loans in a year, or taking a month off to bum around Europe, it is possible. (And you don’t have to live on rice and beans to do it!)

We don’t think money should stop you from dreaming big. Quite the opposite. Your money should be used as a tool to help you achieve your dreams. Let us show you how.

It starts with a Eureka Session. Here’s how.

Planning ahead is a skill everyone can learn. And it will transform your relationship with your money.

We help our financial coaching clients create a realistic budget (we will not take away your daily coffee splurge if you don’t want to), but the budget is just one part of the plan. And when we say “budget” it’s not like any budget you’ve likely seen before. It takes into account the timing of your life and shows you how the decisions you make today affect your money tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond.

You’ll walk out of your financial coaching session knowing what to pay and when to pay it, the best strategy for paying things off, and how long it will take you to save for what you want. Financial coaching is about so much more than a budget. It’s about your life.

The Fiscal Fitness Financial Coaching Process

You’re not bad at budgeting. You just need a better plan. Start here!

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How four clients transformed their future through financial coaching with Fiscal Fitness.

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Sometimes the only difference between being successful with your finances and not is a dash of inspiration mixed with an ounce of motivation. On the Fiscal Fitness blog, we provide both. We regularly write about budgeting tips, savings strategies, and spending habits because we know life is complicated. Your finances shouldn’t be.

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