Train Your Money
Like You Train Your Body

Check Your Ego at the Door & Get Your Money In Shape
With Expert Financial Coaching from Fiscal Fitness PHX

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We don’t need to tell you you could be doing better things with your money.

You already know it’s true.

  • If you do the work in the gym, you know you’ll get fitter & stronger.
  • If you work with Fiscal Fitness PHX, the same will happen with your money.

Would you train for Mr. (or Ms.) Olympia without a coach?


Of Course Not!


You have a plan to train your body. Now you need a plan to train your money.


Thank goodness you found us!


Here’s a fun fact: creating a training schedule – a PLAN – for your money is the absolute fastest way to get what you want out of life, like:


    Your bills? PAID (and never late).

    That new coach you want to work with? DONE.
    Your monthly supplements? PAID FOR.

    That vacation you’ve been wanting to take? PLANNED & DEPOSIT PAID.

    Imagine knowing that you are training your money – having confidence that your bills and your “fun” things (which you should ABSOLUTELY have!) are taken care of…day in and day out.


    THAT is being Fiscally Fit.

    The Average Amount of Debt Paid Off By Clients After Our Financial Coaching is $38,000, & Those Same Clients Increased Their Net Worth by $187,590 in just one year.

    Our clients say…

    After becoming debt free, my husband and I were lost on how we should budget to save and also enjoy ourselves so we scheduled a Eureka session with coach Jaclyn. The pre appointment work was eye opening and during the appointment Jaclyn helped us create a realistic game plan. We feel so much security in knowing that each dollar has a place and that we are able to save for our goals like vacations and a new car without worry. If you are on the fence just do it! You will gain so much for these incredible coaches!!!

    Before working with Jaclyn, money came in and went out and I felt like I didn’t know where the money was going. We didn’t have a plan and I constantly felt in the dark about our finances. It added a level of stress to our marriage that I knew didn’t need to be there. After working with Jaclyn, we have a money plan! We now have a money management system that works! I can see where every dollar is going, and we can plan larger purchases based on whether we have money set aside. It’s taken this stressor off our marriage, and it hasn’t felt restrictive at all…it’s felt freeing! Thank you Fiscal Fitness and Coach Jaclyn!!

    For anyone feeling uncertain about their finances, I highly recommend plopping down the $$$ for an initial session with Fiscal Fitness. I was wary, but ended up saving thousands of dollars from the strategies that I gained! I feel so much more secure in all other aspects of my life. Thank you, Jill and Fiscal Fitness!

    We came into coaching feeling fairly positive about our financial literacy, but she helped us move to another level. Over the course of her coaching we made it through the holidays on budget and without putting a single dollar on a credit card and paid off nearly $17k in credit card debt and personal loans. More importantly, she guided us through money conversations that benefited our relationship in a big way. Getting on the same page about our money removed the biggest cause of arguments and taught how to discuss and get on the same page with our life goals! She also went the extra mile to help us with personal situations and referred us to experts for anything that came up throughout our coaching. Very happy we went to Fiscal Fitness, and especially that we got to work with Jill!

    At Fiscal Fitness, planning is our superpower. We will help you see your money clearly and create a rock-solid plan so that your financial decisions become no-brainers that you look forward to with grudging respect – kind of like leg day.

    Meet the Brains Behind Fiscal Fitness Phoenix…

    Hi, I’m Kelsa!

    Hi, I’m Jill!

    Here at Fiscal Fitness PHX, we’ve worked hard to build a team of powerhouse, badass financial coaches. These coaches have completed our super-intensive financial coach training and were top of their class  – our team of top-tier financial coaches are quite literally waiting to help you whip your money into shape.

    Financial coaching is about so much more than your budget. It’s about living your life on your terms – with the same passion you apply to your fitness.

    Passion is defined as the strong inclination or impulse that drives someone to engage in something they like, find important, and consider justified to spend time and effort doing. 

    Passion fuels motivation.

    More than that, passion is one component of why a person sees their life as worth living and something that becomes an important component of their identity.

    We know that you’re passionate about your gains – your goals – your dreams for your physique. That passion is why you show up day in, day out, whether you’re exhausted, sore, or you have a HUGE project at work, that means you’re only getting a couple of hours of sleep tonight.

    It’s our job to help you learn to apply that same passion – that drive –  to your money.

    Imagine going to shows, getting on stages, hiring that absolute dream bodybuilding coach, or finally investing in that show suit you’ve been wanting..without worrying that you’ll have to eat ramen for the rest of the year (because carbs + gains isn’t always a good thing…).