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Having a plan for your money is the fastest way to achieve whatever you want out of life.

When you have a plan for your money, doors open that you thought were previously closed. You can afford to invest in the things you love and the things that will help you achieve whatever you’re after. Hiring that dream trainer, splurging on the best equipment, even opening that gym you’ve always wanted to…That’s what happens when you know your money is working for you, not against you.

Our clients have gone on to start their dream businesses, buy their dream cars, accept their dream jobs, take dream vacations, and invest more in their health and fitness they they thought possible. All while paying down their debt and saving money.

Forget all the financial gurus who tell you want you can’t do with your money. We want to show you what you CAN do with your money.

At Fiscal Fitness, planning is our superpower. We want to help you see your money clearly and create a rock solid plan so the next financial decision you make is a no-brainer.

We don’t think money should stop you from dreaming big. Quite the opposite.

Your money is a tool that can help you live your best life.

We’ll show you how.

Kelsa Dickey

Financial Coach and CEO of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

Planning ahead is a skill everyone can learn, and it will transform your relationship with money.

Planning ahead doesn’t sound all that revolutionary, but it’s not the way most people were taught to budget, save, and spend.

True transformation with your money happens when you can look ahead and anticipate what’s coming two months, six months or even a year down the road. It’s forward-looking.

Think about how great it would feel if the purchases you make are already accounted for. Buyers remorse vanishes. Credit card balances don’t increase. The guilt you feel around treating yourself to your favorite caffeinated beverage or “splurging” on a new pair of gym shoes doesn’t come.

It’s how you eliminate the stress and shame around money that so many people feel.

Financial coaching is about so much more than getting on a budget. It’s about living your life.

What Financial Coaching Can Do For You

Our Financial Coaches Love What They Do

Fiscal Fitness was started in 2009 by our OG Financial Coach and CEO Kelsa Dickey. It’s grown to the team of dedicated people you see here. Together, we have helped hundreds of people unlock their financial greatness through financial coaching.

We love working with fit pros, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes. Our team members prioritize their own health and fitness and some of us are even state-record holding powerlifters. Yeah, we’re kind of bad ass.

The best part? We know anyone who’s developed good habits and systems around their health and fitness can be good with money too. Like we always say, if you can plan your macros, you can plan your money. 

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Get Excited About Your Money

At Fiscal Fitness, we believe everyone has the ability to take control of their finances. That’s why we freely give away our strategies for success and inspire anyone we can through the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, in our FREE Facebook group, and on the Fiscal Fitness blog. In addition, we have been featured on websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, national and local TV programs giving away the advice we share with our clients.

Hey fit pros and fitness enthusiasts!

We’ve got something just for you.

Season 2 of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast is for the fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and gym aficionados out there.

We’ve learned through our own fitness journey that if you can plan your macros, you can plan your money. It you can stick to a training schedule, you can stick to a budget.

See how your experience at the gym translates to money skills you didn’t know you have.