Real Life Financial Goals

Real Life Financial Goals

Financial goals real people have when they hire a financial coach.

Have you ever wondered what kinds of goals people have when they first decide to become financially fit or seek out a financial coach?

Do you question if you’re further behind than everyone else around you?

Do you wonder if what you want is good enough, clear enough or perhaps worthwhile?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of financial goals other people have- the ones they don’t post about on social media or share out loud?

What kinds of goals do you imagine we hear most often?

  • specific and detailed?
  • general and vague?
  • well thought out?
  • detailed, long descriptions?
  • brief and of few words?
  • ambitious goals?
  • or something simple?

Who do you imagine is setting these goals?

Do you picture someone whose goals are far different from your own? Or do you see a lot of similarities in the kind of goals you set compared to those you imagine might work with a money coach?

Before I hired some of my own very best coaches, I definitely wondered “But would they want to work with me?” 

I thought my powerlifting coach only worked with elite athletes who compete at the state, national and international levels (he does do that too).

I thought my business mentor only helped businesses much bigger than my “small but mighty” business (she’s totally capable!).

So I thought I’d share, in their own words, 37 money goals our clients had, and ultimately, the reasons they chose to hire us as their financial coach.

These are the goals I help people with every day- and love every bit of it! 

I hope you see yourself in these simple yet meaningful money goals…

Our clients financial goals

  1. I would like to see how I can use money to meet the needs of my family and build our life better. I’ve never really made good money and I think I’m capable of making more and feeling stable. I made the most money I’ve ever made this year, and that’s great, but I realize I have no idea how to use it to get what we need. That’s my goal.”
  2. “I have some short and long term goals that I want to look forward to. But I just need a plan that helps me reign in my spending so I can put more money towards them.”
  3. I want to know what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and what we need to fix. I want to establish a plan to meet our goals: Pay for our daughter’s education and needs and fund our retirement.”
  4. I want a plan of action. I want more confidence around our finances and to see more clearly where we’re headed.”
  5. I would love a sense of direction, a general timeline of what I’m looking at as far as getting debt free and not living in fear.”
  6. “I’d like more peace of mind that we can wrap our minds around a plan together and have success with our finances. My main hope is to gain a plan and learn ways to implement this plan in a productive and efficient way. I would like for my husband and I to get on more of the same page regarding finances and balance out responsibilities more evenly. I also would like to be more systematic in how we handle finances.”
  7. I hope to gain confidence that there are brighter days ahead. I feel discouraged, so encouragement would be huge for me.”
  8. A solid plan for our future to follow for my business and personal life, and ways to help my husband be better with saving.”
  9. “I would like to gain insight into my current financial situation. Should I be saving money? Should I be spending money in other ways? I also want a plan to help my business grow and become financially stable! I want to be able to leave my second job and focus fully on my business, and I need help organizing a plan to achieve this goal.”
  10. A system that works for me and I can work with – I don’t want to be terrible with money any more.”
  11. Clarity on how money is flowing and if there’s a way to streamline. Like when my husband asks me “where did that $4k tax refund go that we got 4 months ago?” I can answer confidently. I feel that money flows in and out and I can’t remember where it all goes.”
  12. A system to help us get ahead and stay ahead.
  13. Clarity on where money is going and what we can do to contain spending and create savings for college and retirement.”
  14. A sense of direction to our goals.
  15. I crave clarity. I want to know what I should pay off and how much. How to help my credit score. What to do with old/new debt? When can I get a new car? How to build my retirement. A BUDGET that makes sense to me and doesn’t feel so restrictive, but keeps me in check and is easy to update and utilize.”
  16. “I would love to get advice on how to manage the money and accounts that I have and streamline it, so that I can feel confident that everything that’s going on with my money is as good as it can be. I would also like to learn a good system for evaluating my financial situation. Currently I do not have a weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly type review, and not sure when to review what.”
  17. “I really hope to gain a sense of clarity about where my money is actually going and ideas on how I can get further with our finances by cutting things out or managing them better.”
  18. “We need a playbook for how to save a lot of money when income is inconsistent. More importantly, we need to walk away with some money management skills that will help us manage money. We often have big earnings months and that money is immediately gone to pay for quarterly taxes, life, credit card, or I don’t even know where…”
  19. Direction on my next steps and how to get out of corporate America by August so I can pick up my daughter from school.”
  20. “We hope to gain some clarity on how we should financially plan for me switching careers. This is a HUGE move for us, we aren’t feeling totally confident about what we can expect when we make that transition.”
  21. “Some financial balance and positive perspective about money.”
  22. “Learn how to set financial goals. Set up a plan to reach those goals and feel totally confident when I need to make a financial decision.”
  23. “We would like to understand the number we need to achieve for financial freedom where we can comfortably live off income from our investments and savings. We would like a clear budgeting system and guidance on where to cut back to improve current cash flow and put us on a path to achieve our long term goals.
  24. “An idea if we need to cut back our personal expenses and how to manage that. What to do if/when we run out of my primary savings from my severance. A plan for managing my business finances.”
  25. To get back on track and have a plan.”
  26. An easier, but clear system to budget and track.”
  27. “I want to feel more organized and intentional with my money. I have enough money every month but I want it to work for me and I want it to grow and feel healthy!”
  28. Clarity on how to budget better (at all, really), how to keep track of things for business (taxes, income, expenses). And also confidence that I can do this “business stuff”.
  29. Get clear on a budget. Develop a plan for savings, retirement, etc.”
  30. A financial plan and guidance.”
  31. “Effective strategies on tracking spending, budgeting, and having a plan to maximize our earnings to live our best lives.“
  32. “TBH I’m not sure. I want to not be stressed about my business revenue. I want to feel confident paying myself. My goal this year is to pay myself 4K per month no matter what from my business. Also to stop putting off my bookkeeping and the biggest goal of all. Scaling revenue to 20K months.”
  33. A plan to manage our money so that we live comfortably, do not feel restricted that we can’t do things we want to (ie, travel, physique shows), all while saving for the future.”
  34. Clarity on how to organize and consolidate our bank accounts. A better understanding of what our spending is – not the extras. Knowledge of how to budget and plan for this year.”
  35. A good picture of where things are and a feasible plan on how to meet my obligations and goals for clearing debt and saving money.”
  36. “Help with budgeting, personal and business, to gain confidence in our fiscal fitness;-)”
  37. Financial Clarity, Insights into where I’m/we’re at, best practices on how to keep track of our financial situation on a day to day basis.”

Just curious – did any of our clients take the words right out of your mouth?

The good news?

Those are really beautiful things to desire for your life and they’re totally possible for you too.

The bad news?

The traditional way of budgeting and managing your money isn’t going to do the trick. And just “winging” it won’t cut it either so you need a better way.

More good news?

I have a method for managing all the moving pieces that meets the demands of the modern world and better aligns with how we all live and spend money everyday.

Best of all?

It can be totally customized to achieve any goal you have in life.
It can be detailed and specific or stay higher level depending on your preference.
It can help you prepare for next Friday’s paycheck and next year’s big goal.

Would you like to see this better way to reach your financial goals?

I thought you might. Find out more here.

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